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Watthour Meter Test and Calibration System


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  • Application  
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  • True three-phase and single-phase testing capabilities
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Models available for testing socket-mounted meters as well as panel-mounted and bottom-connected meters
  • 32-bit operating software - use with Windows® 95, 98, 2000, ME and NT 4.0
  • State-of-the-art optical sensing
  • Built-in, automatic calibration routine
  • Powerful, automated meter test socket

The PHAZER family of watthour meter test sets are true three-phase, fully automatic systems capable of testing virtually all types of ANSI socket- mounted and bottom-connected single- and three-phase (three and four wire) electricity meters. The PHAZER family consists of specific models for testing socket-mounted meters and specific models for testing panel-mounted and bottom-connected meters.

The PHAZER units are ideal instruments for testing virtually all types of ANSI socket-mounted, panel-mounted and bottom-connected (3 or 4 wire) electricity meters. The PHAZER J120 Models are specifically designed for the fast, accurate and efficient testing of socket-mounted meters in watthour meter test shops. They are also highly efficient in performing “assembly-line” accuracy verification testing by major meter manufacturers. The PHAZER T20 and T120 models are ideal for testing panel-mounted and bottom-connected meters. These units include external current and voltage output binding posts which provides the ability to make connections to the panel-mounted meter without disturbing the meter installation. Also included is a special remote optical/control device which allows the meter disk rotation to be sensed at distances of 6 ft (2 m) from the test set. It features a magnetic base so it can easily be affixed to the meter panel or test station, and an easy-to-use positioning arm which helps facilitate the alignment of the device.