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Universal Circuit Breaker Test Sets

PS-9130 and PS-9160

  • PS-9130 and PS-9160
  • Overview  
  • Application  
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  • Proven power train
  • Rugged instrumentation and controls
  • Direct connection of draw-out type breakers
  • Integral clock/calendar
  • Easy-to-read display

Model PS-9130 and Model PS-9160 Series Universal Circuit Breaker Test Sets are specifically designed to test low-voltage power circuit breakers and molded-case circuit breakers that are equipped with thermal magnetic or solid-state trip devices by simulating an overload or fault condition.

Model PS-9130 and Model PS-9160 are controlled by the Model PLC-2000 Prime Logic Controls. This microprocessor monitors the output, stores the test data and performs the automatic test functions. After the test information is stored, Model PLC-2000 can print the test data using a built-in RS-232 printer port.

Universal in application, the test sets will test virtually all low-voltage molded-case and metal-clad direct-acting ac circuit breakers produced by General Electric, Westinghouse, Federal Pacific Electric, Square D, Gould, ABB, ITE, Siemens and other manufacturers. Model PS-9130 is rated for testing breakers rated up to 3000 amperes. Model PS-9160 is rated for testing breakers rated up to 6000 amperes. Rugged and reliable, these circuit breaker test sets will provide years of trouble-free operation. The test sets also may be used for other high-current applications such as performing ratio tests on current transformers and heat runs or primary injection testing on high-voltage breakers and their associated protective relays. Model PS-9130 and Model PS-9160 have identical features, instrumentation and operational characteristics. The only changes in specifications among the units are their size, weight and maximum output current capacity.