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Electrical Tester - online

September 2017


September 2017's Electrical Tester 




Circuit breakers and transducers - part 1

Time and travel analysis are the most important tests for determining the correct operation of a circuit breaker, but these tests are often bypassed because of their apparent difficulty and complexity. This can leave the circuit breaker open to the risk of...

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Auto-recloser whys and wherefores

Auto-reclosers are widely used in both transmission and distribution systems. Vijay Sunderam discusses the role of these important devices as well as looking at what they do and how they function. He’ll also be looking at a new and innovative product...

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Harardous materials and grounding

Electrical grounding is installed primarily for safety reasons but also for the efficient functioning of electrical systems and installed equipment. The grounding system diverts unwanted currents (fault currents) safely into the ground and away from persons...

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From the Audion to talking movies

Though his name is today only familiar to a few, Lee de Forest was the inventor of the Audion vacuum tube, the first electronic device capable of amplification. This novel device – in its time truly revolutionary – made feasible live radio...

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