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May 2017


May 2017's Electrical Tester 


Did an insulation tester save a life?

It could be argued with considerable justification that insulation testers regularly save lives by revealing potentially dangerous insulation faults and failures. But this story is a little different. It begins with a Megger MIT515 5 kV insulation tester that was returned to the factory for repair under warranty.

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How best to kill an elephant (though we'd rather you didn't)

The “war of the currents”, when Westinghouse tried to convince the world that AC was the best choice for generation and transmission of power while Edison championed DC, is well known to engineers. And so is Edison’s gruesome attempt to demonstrate the dangers of AC by using it to kill an elephant, an inhumane stunt he saw fit to immortalise by recording it with his newly developed motion picture camera, the Kinetograph. The distressing footage is still accessible on YouTube, for those with an inclination to view it.

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Power Transformer and HV Breaker open days

Megger would like to  invite you to the next in the series of transformer and circuit breaker open days. We have two dates one in Birmingham and one to the West of London.

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Primary injection testing: challenges and solutions

Field personnel face a range of difficult challenges when carrying primary injection tests. These include: input power requirements, test circuit impedance, high current requirements, high impedance test objects, setting target currents, current decay, DC offset, comparing measured trip times with time-current-curves, data storage and trending, report generation, and the size and weight of the test equipment. This article looks at each of these challenges and discusses how they are being addressed in modern test equipment.

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