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Electrical Tester - online

March 2017


March 2017's Electrical Tester 


When things go wrong: A new solution for  faults on long cables

Over the past two decades, there has been significant growth in the use of long high-voltage cables, many of which are installed and buried under water. This two-part article explains how Megger has worked with transmission system operator TenneT and testing service provider Elektro Koopman GmbH to develop these technologies and to implement them in an innovative, practical and convenient form.

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How important is electrical equipment maintenance?

Neglect can have serious consequences. An unintentional time delay in the operation of a circuit breaker could be caused by a sticky operating mechanism.

This article provides insight into the maintenance requirements for overcurrent protective devices and the potential impact on the arc flash incident energy when maintenance is not performed properly. 

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An invitation to the new series of power transformer and HV circuit breaker testing open days

Megger would like to  invite you to the next in the series of transformer and circuit breaker open days. We have two dates one in Cardiff and one in North London  

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Power quality effects on transformers and motors

The main problem associated with excessive harmonic distortion can be very simply stated: it gives rise to the generation of heat. Often this is seen as overheating in neutral conductors, transformers and motors.

This article follows up previous pieces by examining how one major power quality problem – harmonics – affects conductors, transformers and motors.

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