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Electrical Tester - online

June 2017


June 2017's Electrical Tester 


Safe, fast HV circuit breaker testing with DCM Dualground™ technology

From the earliest days of circuit breaker testing, safety of personnel has been the highest priority. The best way of enhancing safety is undoubtedly to increase the distance between personnel and devices carrying high voltages.

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The forgotten man who invented radio

We all think we know who invented radio – it was Marconi, of course! But actually it wasn’t. Marconi was certainly a very successful pioneer in the field of wireless telegraphy—although many of his claims as an inventor are open to...

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Cable faults: a fact of life for DNOs

Most local distribution cables in towns and cities are buried underground with other services as it is practical and desirable to install them away from public access and out of sight. However, cable faults are one of the main causes...

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Come to the 5th Megger Cable Test Seminar!

Following the success of its previous cable test seminars, Megger UK has announced the date for the fifth of these biennial events. It will be held on Thursday, 28 September 2017 in the Premier Suite of The National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull, near...

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