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Electrical Tester - online

July 2017


July 2017's Electrical Tester 



Celebrating 10 years of DualGround™ circuit breaker timing with DCM technology

Megger is celebrating 10 years since it launched, in 2007, its very first circuit breaker test instrument featuring dynamic capacitance measurement (DCM) technology, which makes safe quick and accurate circuit breaker timing possible, with both sides of the...

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When things go wrong: A new solution

In this article, we look at the practical solution developed by Megger, working in conjunction with utility company TenneT and testing service provider Elektro Koopman GmbH. 

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Q and A Protective relay testing

Differential protection is employed in many important parts of the power system such as generators, transformers, busbars, motors and others. It provides selective and sensitive operation for faults within the protected zone. To address the challenges...

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Power quality: Beyond the fundamentals

In this article we explore some of the key practical aspects of measuring and assessing power quality. As the title suggests, we go well beyond the fundamentals, but in order to provide a sound foundation, we start with a brief review of some of basic...

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