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Electrical Tester - online

April 2017


April 2017's Electrical Tester 


PD diagnostics for aging MV PILC cables

Failures on MV PILC cables, many of which have been in service for forty or more years, are a significant headache for DNOs. Drawing on material from a long-term study carried out jointly by Warsaw University of Technology and Megger, this article looks his article looks at how partial diagnostic analysis can help to address this important issue.

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Sydney Evershed: no ordinary man

There’s no doubt that Sydney Evershed was a genius. He invented the first practical insulation tester – “the Megger” – and thereby made possible the safe installation and working of electrical distribution systems.

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Power Transformer and HV Breaker open days

Megger would like to  invite you to the next in the series of transformer and circuit breaker open days. We have two dates one in Birmingham and one to the West of London.

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Q and A Protective relay testing

Testing protection relays and protection schemes used in power distribution systems continues to be a popular theme for questions received by our technical support team. We make no apology, therefore, for presenting some more questions and answers on this.

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