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Electrical Tester - online

July 2014



Welcome to the latest Electrical Tester

In this month’s issue we look at why assessing the condition of moisture content in transformer insulation is so important and what you can do about it; how to select a low resistance test set, and how multi-relay test sets have made life easier over the last few years. Lastly, we asked our TSG (technical support group) to share some of the questions they get on harmonics in power systems, and their advice on how to deal with them.

A better way for transformer condition assessment

Accurate information about the condition of insulation in a transformer is essential for effective asset management and accurate risk assessment. Information about moisture content limits the loading of the transformer accelerates the aging of the paper insulation, thus reducing transformer life. Read more

Making the right choice for low resistance

Low resistance measurements have many and diverse applications, ranging from checking the condition of circuit breaker contacts to verifying the integrity of welded joints. Low resistance test sets are, however, available in an almost bewildering range of types; this article offers some useful advice on choosing the right test set for the application in hand. Read more

Developments in protection relay testing

Recent developments have transformed the field of protection relay testing, with the latest multi-phase test sets in particular offering features and benefits far beyond those provided by even their recent predecessors. But exactly what can users expect from these new test sets? Let’s take a look. Read more

Q and A - high voltage DC insulation

Harmonics in power systems are a major concern as they are becoming increasingly prevalent and they can give rise to serious problems that include excessive heating and premature equipment failure. Read more


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