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Socket tester


  • MST210
  • Overview  
  • Application  
  • Downloads  
  • Simple and effective identification of faulty wiring at sockets
  • Easy to use
  • 2 green and 1 red LED’s for instant error reporting and fault diagnosis
  • Identifies 17 missing wire and wrong connection combinations
  • Rugged and reliable

The Megger MST210 Socket Tester is a convenient, compact plug-in style tester designed to identify wiring faults at UK 13A 3-pin power sockets.

Over 17 combinations of wiring fault can be identified including missing wires and incorrect or reversed connections.

Faults are signalled by 3 bright LED’s on the front of the unit, with a simple diagnosis chart for typical errors included on the label next to the LED’s. 2 green LED’s signal a correctly wired socket, and a third red LED identifies a fault.

If either green LED fails to light, or the red LED comes on, a fault is present and will require further investigation.


The MST210 can be used for initial identification of socket faults following socket replacement or re-wire work of any kind. Simple miss-wires or missing connections can be quickly identified prior to full BS7671 electrical test and inspection, so saving time during the testing and certifi-cation process.

The MST210 may also be used during installation or commissioning of electrical equipment connected to 13 A sockets (such as white goods) if a wiring fault is suspected.