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Safety Ground and Ground Grid Test Set


  • GTS-300
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  • Fast setup
  • No specialized training required
  • Digital instrumentation

The GTS-300 is a two-piece test set designed to ensure the integrity of grounding systems and to test personal safety grounds. The high-current method of testing ground grid continuity and connections is a reliable, accurate method of detecting faults in the ground system.

Testing of a ground grid consists of passing 300 amperes ac through the grid, for a specified time, between a reference ground (usually a transformer neutral) and the ground to be tested. The voltage drop and the magnitude and direction of the current are monitored to verify the integrity of the ground connection. Another application for Model GTS-300 is the testing of safety ground clamps, ferrules and cables. Testing these devices requires continuous current at the rating of the particular device. Model GTS-300 can test devices that require up to 300 amperes continuous current.