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Partial discharge diagnostics


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A partial discharge test is essential for measuring very small value discharges that occur in tiny gaps in modern insulation material. To account for these tiny partial discharges, the PD test is one of the most sensitive measuring techniques available in the electrical industry. On XPLE cables for example, a typical pass value for a medium voltage cable in a standard power system would be <5pC or 10-12 Coulomb, requiring highly sensitive measuring equipment. 

Megger has an extensive history of manufacturing and supplying PD test equipment to many top industrial organisations for transformer and cable testing. These high voltage partial discharge testers can take the role of quality assurance for product manufacturing or off-site plant analysis and mapping at almost any voltage the customer requires.

Partial discharge test and monitoring systems can also be supplied in the form of high voltage3 laboratory equipment or portable diagnostic products. Megger’s broad range of products – from standalone monitors to full, extra high voltage (EHV) laboratory systems – provide for all high-sensitivity operations.