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Networking solution

PowerSuite Professional

  • PowerSuite Professional
  • Overview  
  • Downloads  
  • User friendly Windows interface
  • Work in real certificates and forms
  • Work on site or back in the office
  • Download results from Megger and 3rd party test equipment
  • Equipment maintenance module
  • Organiser manages future appointments
  • Client manager to organise your customers
  • Full database and reporting facilities

Powersuite Professional is the next generation of Megger software replacing the existing Megger Powersuite package, designed for the management of test results from electrical testing and PAT testing, including client management and asset maintenance.

Powersuite Professional covers a range of software levels which consist of a series of upgradeable packages starting with the Pro-Lite PAT or Pro-Lite 17th edition (non-data based operation) and moving onto the Contractor packs through to the Power pack, which covers all the demanding requirements of the Electrical and PAT testing organisations and contractors.