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High-precision C and DF measurement instrument

CDAX 605

  • CDAX 605
  • Overview  
  • Application  
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  • High accuracy and wide measurement range
  • Automatic measurement process
  • Measures capacitive, resistive or inductive test objects
  • High accuracy ratio measurements
  • Works with any standard capacitor or resistor value without any recalculations
  • All standard UST and GST configurations

CDAX 605 is a capacitance and dissipation factor test set to be used with an external power source/generator. It is a precision instrument using a combination of bridge and direct (vector) measurements and is capable of measuring capacitive, resistive and inductive loads.

CDAX 605 is designed for laboratory, production line or field testing of electrical equipment insulation and insulating materials as well as e.g. calibration of CCVTs and other ratio devices. A test set with unique high accuracy for the most demanding applications.


In determining the quality of high-voltage equipment insulation, power frequency capacitance and dissipation factor are among the most frequently measured insulating characteristics. These two quantities can be measured as a receiving material quality control, during assembly and verification of electrical apparatus, at the time of installation or as a part of a maintenance program after the equipment is placed in service. The test is non-destructive and is used for verification, trending and comparison. CDAX 605 is a measurement instrument that is used with an AC power source and a standard capacitor to form a complete measurement setup. Testing can be performed at almost any voltage level pending on the rating of the equipment, the power source and the capacitor. The unit will accept a test current up to 5 A from the insulation under test which can be increased by using an external current transformer. Traditional bridge methods can only measure and compare capacitive currents and since calibrated standard capacitors are typically available in the 100 to 1000 pF range, precision measurements on e.g. CCVTs and other devices with a high ratio are difficult to perform. With the new technology in CDAX 605, the input voltage to the device can be measured with a traditional reference capacitor while the secondary low voltage can be measured with a calibrated resistive divider that can be designed to give appropriate measurement current. Application areas

  • Transformers
  • Power cables
  • Bushings
  • Capacitors
  • Insulating materials