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Transformer Training Course



Day1 (Introduction day):

  • Theoretical presentation. ( introduction to transformer, various test methods, excitation current measurement, ratio and winding resistance, etc)

  • Practical session ( basic tests, ratio test, winding resistance, leakage reactance, excitation current using TTR , MTO and TRAX)

Day2 (Insulation diagnostics day):

  • Theoretical presentation. ( introduction to insulation testing, AC vs DC,Delta4000, DFR, ITC, IDAX, introduction to bushing test)

  • Practical session ( Delta4000, IDAX, bushing test using tip up,)

Day3 (Advanced testing day):

  • Theoretical presentation ( SFRA basics, introduction to FRAX, introduction to OLTC and DRM measurement, FRSL tests) 12pm to 1 pm break

  • Practical session ( FRAX, TRAX, final Q/A session)

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I'm very happy with the device...brilliant build quality and just the right features for my application

Cyril Ryan

@ShombayElectric please send an email request to

@Craigmc1888 Hi Craig, do you have a number or email address we can contact you on? One of our technical support te…

19th October #Exeter Tony will be holding a Breakfast morning at Edmundson Electrical, EX2 7LW. MFT demo's from 8am