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Circuit Breaker Training Course



Day 1:

  • Introduction to type of Circuit breakers

  • Introduction to test methods and standard on HV CBs

  • Dynamic resistance measurement

  • Introduction to CABA local and TM1700 ( show usage of Caba local )

  • Practical measurement on a CB using Caba local



Day 2:

  • Introduction to dual ground measurement using DCM method

  • First trip test measurement 

  • Guide on Setting the motion transducer in Caba win and Caba local and how to mount them with pictures

  • Motor start current measurement guide

  • Test results examples and interpretation of test results

  • Introduction to Caba win software

  • Practical measurement using Caba win software 


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I'm very happy with the device...brilliant build quality and just the right features for my application

Cyril Ryan

@ShombayElectric please send an email request to

@Craigmc1888 Hi Craig, do you have a number or email address we can contact you on? One of our technical support te…

19th October #Exeter Tony will be holding a Breakfast morning at Edmundson Electrical, EX2 7LW. MFT demo's from 8am