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Circuit Breaker and Overcurrent Relay Test Set


  • MS-2A
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  • Light Weight, Portable Primary Injection Test Instrument
  • Overcurrent Relay Testing
  • Ground Fault Performance Testing for NEC 230.95
  • Circuit Breaker Testing

      The Megger MS-2A test set is used around the world by several thousand utility companies, industrial plants and electrical service organizations.

      Model MS-2A is a self-contained test set that incorporates a variable high-current output and appropriate control circuitry and instrumentation for testing thermal, magnetic or solid-state motor overload relays, molded-case circuit breakers, ground-fault trip devices and overcurrent relays.

Model MS-2A is capable of testing the time-delay characteristics of overcurrent relays, motor overload relays and molded-case circuit breakers rated up to 125 amperes, when following the recommended test procedure of testing the time delay of these devices at three times their rating. Higher currents are available for the short durations required to test an instantaneous trip element. For example, the test set will provide a maximum short duration output of 750 amperes through a typical, 125 ampere, molded-case circuit breaker. The MS-2A is ideal for testing ground fault protection devises with window CTs. The NEC 230.95C requires specific ground fault devices be performance tested when initially installed. The MS-2A is commonly used by many utilities and service organizations as a economical light weight overcurrent relay test system. Additional applications include verifying the ratio of current transformers and testing panelboard ammeters and voltmeters.
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