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Multifunction testers were designed for residential and commercial electrical contractors, but also meet the needs of those working in utilities and industry


Products used


MFT1700 Series, MFT1710, MFT1720, MFT1730, CAT IV 300 V, IEC 61010, RCD, insulation resistance, earth loop impedance



Today’s best multifunction testers are not only sufficiently versatile to meet a whole range of day-to-day testing requirements, they are also easy to use, convenient as they combine several testers into one small instrument, and they offer excellent value for money in both initial outlay and reduced cost of ownership in calibration.

All modern multifunction testers offer facilities for insulation testing up to 1 kV, continuity testing at 200 mA, earth loop impedance testing and fault current measurement across phases, and also 3-phase RCD testing. Most types also incorporate a convenient voltmeter function. The best instruments, however, offer even more, such as frequency measurement, phase rotation, and the ability to measure the resistance of earth electrodes - functions that are definitely going to be of interest and value to those working in industry and the utilities as well as residential and commercial electrical contractors.


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Megger MFT1730 multifunction tester animation


Animation showing some of the great features of the market leading Megger MFT1730 Multifunction Tester