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Battery testing equipment

  • Megger battery test equipment

Some users carry out no battery testing, which is not a good idea assuming that battery backup or continuous power availability is needed. Others carry out comprehensive, time-consuming and expensive exercises involving virtually every available test. For most cases this is an equally bad idea since in the majority of circumstances, careful selection of the right test equipment for the specific application will reduce your battery maintenance and testing costs. With both capacity and impedance testers available, Megger can provide a battery tester tuned to your specific need.


Specialist battery test equipment
Associated test equipment
Geloux GL660-1

Geolux GL 660-1 - Cable ground fault locator


Multimeters and clampmeters


TORKEL820 - battery load unit

PowerDB Pro - Test Data Management Software

PowerDB Pro - Test Data Management Software

TORKEL840/860 - battery load unit

TORKEL840/860 - battery load unit

AVO Training

AVO Training Institute

BVM300 and BVM600

BVM300 and BVM600 - Battery voltage monitor




BGFT - Battery Ground Fault Tracer

BITE2 and 2P

BITE2 and 2P - Battery Impedance Tester < 7000 Ah




BITE3 - Battery impedance test equipment




BT51 - Low Resistance Ohmmeter




DLRO10HD - 10 Amp Digital Low Resistance




DLRO10X - 10 A low resistance ohmmeter with test storage and downloading