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600 A micro-ohmmeter


  • MOM600A
  • Overview  
  • Application  
  • Downloads  
  • Compact and tough
  • Straight forward to use
  • 600 A output current

The risk of overheating is becoming more serious due to the fact that today's distribution networks have to carry heavier loads. Checking contact resistances at regular intervals detects faults before they cause overheating.

Microhmmeters are used to measure contact resistances in highvoltage breakers, disconnecting switches (isolators), knife-contact fuses, bus joints, line joints etc.


IMPORTANT! Read the User’s manual before using the instrument. A. Measuring the resistance of a circuit breaker element 1. Connect the micro-ohmmeter to the circuit breaker. 2. Set the current (100 A in this example). 3. Press the resistance pushbutton. 4. Read the result. B. Measuring the resistance of busbar joints 1. Connect the micro-ohmmeter’s current cables to the object being tested. Do not connect the sensing cables since measurements will be taken using an external movable voltmeter. 2. Set the current (100 A in this example). 3. Connect an external voltmeter to the bus. 4. Read the voltmeter (0.1 mV = 1 μΩ in this example). 5. Move the voltmeter to the next joint. 6. Repeat step 4.